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    Terms & Conditions

    Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before returning a completed booking form. We take no responsibility whatsoever for failure to do so. Return of a booking form and payment will be considered as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

    Pricing Structure

    Unless sole occupancy is secured (please see separate section on sole occupancy option), prices are charged at the per adult or per child rate for any given week.

    Infants between 1 & 2 incur a flat charge of £150 to include equipment rental and food. Nappies are not included.

    Reimbursements/discounts will not be given to any party member/s who state their intention to stay for the agreed time (as confirmed by submission of a booking form and agreement to the price) and decide to stay for a shorter period of time than originally stated. This applies for changes made at ANY time after submission of a booking form.

    Sole Occupancy

    Sole occupancy of the chalet is available at a fixed price (please see prices page). It is suitable for groups of under 10 people who do not wish to share the chalet with other guests, and to use all five bedrooms. The price is based on the adult price for any given week x 10. Groups of over 10 are charged at the adult or child price for any given week in the season.


    A non-refundable deposit of £150 per party member is required to secure your booking. Full payment is required 8 before the start date of your holiday.

    Provisional bookings will be held for 7 days only, after which time we reserve the right to sell your proposed holiday week to another client.

    Deposits cannot be transferred to another week, should the party decide to cancel the week they have originally specified. The deposit payments made apply only to the week they have stated their intention to book, as shown on their booking form, and has been agreed to by the owners.

    Changes to bookings

    All party members must be listed on the booking form and we must be informed at least 2 weeks before the start date of your holiday of any additional guests.

    Please specify any special requirements (dietary or otherwise) on the booking form. We reserve the right to decline a booking should we feel unable to meet your particular needs. The same applies if we are informed of special requirements at a later date, but which were not specified on the original booking form.

    Discounts will not be given at any stage after payment of the non-refundable deposit to any party member who decides to reduce the number of days of their holiday after stating their intention to book for a specific number of days. (please see Pricing Structure)

    Babies under 2 years are not accepted in the chalet unless sole occupancy has been secured by the group.


    The closer your cancellation is to the start date of your holiday, the less chance there is for us to resell your holiday, and cancellation charges will be higher.

    Days in Advance Our cancellation charge
    More than 8 weeks in advance deposit only (non-refundable in any circumstance)
    4-8 weeks before arrival date 75%
    Under 4 weeks 100%
    Compensation or refund payments will NOT be made where cancellation/late arrival/departure is due to circumstances beyond our control, including (but NOT limited to) adverse weather conditions (such as heavy snow preventing arrival in resort), delays, breakdown or cancellations of transport, and any “Force Majeure” including (but NOT limited to) civil unrest, strikes, war, terrorist activity, natural disasters etc. We take no responsibility for snow conditions or closure of lifts in resort.

    If a group has specified sole occupancy of the chalet but the number in the original group decreases, full settlement for sole occupancy must be received. Otherwise we reserve the right to re-sell any vacant rooms and the offer of sole occupancy is withdrawn. Existing party members will then incur an additional charge of £200 per person should any party member require a single room.

    Cancellation by us

    In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday booking, we reserve the right to do so, for any reason deemed necessary/appropriate by ourselves, even after a booking has been accepted and a deposit/full balance has been paid. 100% of your payment will be refunded immediately. Every effort will be made to offer you an alternative holiday with us, should you wish to select another week, and in this case, a negotiated discount will be offered to the party to compensate for any inconvenience caused. We would also contact other ski holiday companies in the area to check availability, should you wish us to do so.

    Updated Terms and conditions for the period from December 2020 – April 2021 relating to Covid-19:

    We’ve updated our terms and conditions ready for winter 20/21 , if any of the below conditions are in place for the dates of your holiday or 7 days prior, we will offer you a 100% refund of your final balance (and your deposit moved to the following winter) to give you peace of mind when paying your final balance. We are also shortening our final balance due date to 6 weeks prior to your arrival.
    • FCO warning against travel to France or Morzine
    • 2 week Government imposed quarantine period on return to the UK
    • Quarantine period imposed by the French authorities
    • Property is closed due to French Government restrictions

    All guests must have comprehensive travel insurance in place for their holiday.

    If you are showing signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or a test positive for COVID 19, provided that we are “open for business” and can fulfill our contractual obligations, then we do not accept any liability or responsibility to issue refunds or credit vouchers and will not pay any other compensation. You will need to claim this on your travel insurance. If you wish to make a claim on your travel insurance, then we will supply any documentation you need.
    Concerns about future government restrictions being applied, a disinclination to travel because of Covid-19, or if your travel arrangements ( flight, ferry or tunnel crossing ) are cancelled for any reason the we do not accept any liability or responsibility to issue refunds or credit vouchers and will not pay any other compensation.

    Prices and accuracy of information

    Prices/details shown on our website, on any marketing material or quoted by us verbally or in writing, are subject to change and we reserve the right to correct/change any information before a holiday booking is confirmed. Prices will not be subject to change once you have booked and paid a deposit for your stay. We will not be held liable for any services we endeavour to offer, but fail to do so, due to circumstances beyond our control. Any last offers for a reduced priced holiday may not include all elements of a full priced holiday. The inclusions of a reduced price holiday will be stated at the time of enquiry.


    We do NOT provide any insurance cover. We will not pay any expenses incurred as a result of inadequate insurance cover, medical or otherwise. Please ensure you bring your insurance cover documentation with you.


    In the unlikely event that you have a complaint about the chalet or services provided, please inform the chalet staff immediately. No complaint will be considered after you have left the chalet on the day of departure.

    Here’s what’s included in a holiday with PalmSki

    7 nights accommodation from 4pm on arrival day – 9.30am on departure day (if you need to arrive earlier or leave later, please contact us and we’ll do all we can to extend your stay)
    Flexible transport service to the lifts and around resort
    Cooked and continental breakfast (continental only on staff day off and departure day)
    Afternoon tea with delicious home made cake or biscuits every day, including staff day off
    4 Course Dinner on 6 nights
    Unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks throughout your stay*
    2 course children’s tea on 6 nights
    Tea & coffee making facilities available all day
    Toiletry samples, but guests should bring their own usual supplies
    *We provide a generous supply of complimentary wine and beer, but should consumption be excessive and/or result in inappropriate behaviour, we reserve the right to withdraw further supplies. Aperitifs, digestifs, spirits and sparkling wine are not unlimited, but will be offered to guests at appropriate times during the evening.

    What’s not included

    Transfers to and from the airport
    Ski Hire
    Lift passes
    Accommodation/meals outside the specified meals or the specified holiday times
    Use of the chalet kitchen to cook meals
    Cooked Breakfast and Dinner on staff day off
    Cooked Breakfast on departure day
    Ready made Baby Food Nappies and formula milk. We can, however, prepare pureed vegetables, meat and fruit, and other simple food

    Our aim is to provide our guests with a memorable chalet holiday experience, and we will always try to “go that extra mile” for them, and be as flexible as possible. However, in turn we ask that guests respect our property and possessions, and to bear in mind that the informality of a chalet holiday does not constitute a hotel service.

    Occupancy of the chalet runs from 4.00pm on day of arrival until 9.30am on day of departure. However, if guests wish to arrive earlier baggage can be left in the playroom until the chalet has been prepared for them.

    If you need to arrive earlier, then please inform us.

    Bedrooms must be vacated by 9.00am on departure day so that changeover cleaning may commence.

    Breakages/damage to our property and possessions must be paid for in full by the party leader before the end of the party’s stay in the chalet. Refusal to pay for any damage immediately may result in your party being evicted from the chalet.

    We endeavour to be as flexible as possible with regard to transporting guests to and from the lifts, and will ask guests to indicate what their requirements for each day might be. However, we ask that 1 hour’s notice is given before collection in the afternoon.

    We reserve the right to evict from our chalet any person behaving in an inappropriate, anti-social or threatening manner. Our contractual obligations to that person will cease immediately, and we will not pay any costs incurred by that person as a result of their eviction from our property.

    A charge of €50+, (€25 for a new set of bed linen), will be made for unpleasant cleaning tasks caused by drunken/careless guests. Eviction may also apply, as outlined above.

    No outdoor shoes or ski boots are to be worn on the first or second floors of the chalet and must be removed in the entrance foyer.

    Skis and boards are to be stored in our external locker, boots in the foyer or boot warming room, and large ski bags in the garage. They must not, under any circumstances be taken on to the first or second floors of the chalet.

    Guests do not have the right to enter any bedrooms/bathrooms other than the ones allocated to themselves or their group, unless they have paid for sole occupancy of the chalet (please contact us for the price of renting the whole chalet). A charge will be made for any disruption/untidiness caused to other bedrooms not allocated to their group.

    Adults must take full responsibility for the conduct and safety of children in their care at all times. We do not provide any childcare services ourselves.

    Guests are asked to ensure that any games/toys used in the games room are put back in the appropriate boxes after use, to ensure these items are suitable for use by future guests.

    All books, magazines, DVDs (and other items provided for the enjoyment of guests) are the personal property of the owners and must not be damaged or removed from the chalet. A charge will be made for any items missing.

    We reserve the right not to clean/tidy bedrooms which have been left in an unacceptable state, or are not vacated by 10.00am each morning.

    Smoking is not allowed in the chalet. Guests are welcome to smoke outside, using the ashtrays provided.

    Guests are asked not help themselves to food in the chalet kitchen unless a request is made and agreed to. We take no responsibility whatsoever for failure to prepare meals should the required ingredients be missing. Ingredients and supplies for breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner cannot be used for lunch as lunch is not included in the price of a holiday.

    Items in the kitchen are the personal property of the owner and must not be used or taken away by guests.

    Guests are kindly requested to vacate the dining table after dinner and enjoy coffee/tea/other drinks in the reception area, allowing us to lay breakfast for the next morning.

    No pets are allowed in the chalet.

    We do not provide a laundry service for guests, but will carry out emergency washing for babies